Saturday, February 24, 2007

Neverending flu-like symptoms


I don't know what I have, except that I'm in very bad shape, it doesn't seem to be getting better, and I am starting to have some grave concerns. Presently I don't have the strength, or clarity of thought to do anything but ride it out, and even that is excruciating and intolerable. I just need this to END! As I said, I don't even have Tylenol. (I HAD a full bottle of Ibuprofen 600, previously prescribed to me, that someone seems to have absconded with) I don't know why, but I have had this horrible taste in my mouth all week. Quite nasty. Water sure doesn't guise it.

I am not weighing myself, but am aware that my weight must be dropping quickly. I am starting to wonder how long I am capable of continuing this way. (probably longer than I can imagine)

What I could really use right now is some excedrin or something like it, LOTS of juice, and or Soda, and soft food of some sort.

Any chance you'd be willing to overnight a gift card from Walgreens or Rite Aid? (cash simply disappears in the post around here unfortunately) I could get some headache medicine, juices, something soft to attempt to eat, and some razors. I could probably even pick up a cheap set of hair clippers. (mine broke last month, and I am starting to look like the wild man from Borneo, between my hair and my unshaved beard)

Then the only challenge will be getting myself to the store (no small feat). Perhaps I can send someone with a list and the card.

My roommate Mel finally took notice of my plight yesterday, and brought me several glasses of water, and some tomato soup. I was unable to eat very much of the tomato soup, as it made my stomach "burn", as you heard the result of when I called you this morning.

As soon as I am well enough I need to go to GA to apply for food and cash assistance which I am told I would qualify for, (the food stamps I would get same day) but there hasn't been a moment this week where that has been the case (to say the least). It is a several hour-long project stepping foot in the door of that office anyway, and I'm not feeling well enough for that at all.

Oh, one more thing, the results of my blood tests performed at the ER should be ready now, although I have no idea what tests were performed. I was told to "check back in a week" to get the results. I DO know that while the ER Dr. was much more professional than the last guy, he was quite skeptical of the idea of parasitic infection (and stated such) simply in general due to its "rarity", so who knows if any tests for parasites were actually performed.

Anyway I have to get back to bed. Feeling nauseous again, which is excruciating if I am not hydrated enough for it to be productive (dry heaves), as I have learned the hard way, so I'd better rest.

I'll check messages again when I can.

From: Me
Date: Sat, Feb 24, 2007 at 4:59 AM
To: Mom

one more quick update on a positive note: after going downstairs I was famished, and decided to reheat the tomato soup that Mel made me. I was able to sip it slowly in its entirety, and it seemed to go down okay this time. Feeling brave I then prepared a BLT, being careful to cook out all the grease from the bacon before using it. (in the microwave) I was able to eat half of this, and decided to save the rest for later rather than overdo it. I feel a LOT better to say the least, and my headache appears to have let up for a bit as well.

Now that my head isn't hurting so badly, perhaps I can attempt TV, which may help me take my mind off my discomfort.

At some point I will try to assess the damage to my Dell. I have brought it back from the dead many times before, (including once after the entire computer was smashed into a dozen pieces on a concrete floor, requiring 2 weeks of soldering work to make it functional again). The burning question is what components will require replacement this time, or has their time in the open air been enough to undo the damage caused by the iced tea (doubtful). The hard drive went down making a horrible noise after the tea was spilled, but then that's a noise that most things might make when you pour liquid into them while they are spinning at 5000 rpms or so. Generally not considered a good thing to subject a hard drive to though.

I wonder if Nurse Practitioner Ginger Savely's office is open today? I think I'll look into that before I log off Bob's computer.

BTW, How far are you from the status of "Nurse Practitioner" yourself? Not a title you hear too often. Is that because they are basically Doctors that differ in practice or doctrine officially sactioned by the AMA? If so, I like the sound of it already! A Doctor capable of open-minded and independent thought!
The ER Doctor at USCF Medical Center who mentioned "Morgellons" to me, albeit skeptically, but obviously for a reason, also mentioned a doctor who had left his/her practice at UCSF to pursue treatment of this "disease". I wonder if that could be Ginger Savely?

From: Mom
Date: Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 10:24 AM


I only have an associate (two-year) degree in nursing. A Nurse Practitioner is like a nurse with a Master's degree, specializing in some area of medicine. They are licensed to practice medicine in that area, including prescribing medications, under the supervision of a physician (meaning the patients and what they do is reviewed and discussed on a regular basis with a physician). You do hear the title "nurse practitioner" all the time now (at least in Arizona), because if you go into a hospital or doctor's office, chances are the first person you'll see for treatment is a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician's assistant (PA), which is a similar thing, only that person is not a nurse, just like an assistant doctor. A PA also has a Master's degree.

Fill out those forms and send them back so you can see Ginger Savely. Then you won't have to deal with skeptical people anymore who don't know what they're talking about.

I think you need me to come to SF and help you take care of getting things done, such as getting down to get your GA application and your check, getting your lab work results, etc. When would be a good time?

Love, Mom

From: Me
Date: Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 4:32 PM
To: Mom

I think you are right about coming here. I need help.

I am beyond my wit's end. Please come soon. When are you available? Don't make hotel reservations for more than a night or two. Once you get here I can help you secure a room for the duration of your stay in the $50-$60 range. In fact, I can possibly find a 2 room/and or bed setup of around that price. I could really use a break from this place if that works for you.


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