Monday, July 16, 2007

Missed Appointments and Facial Lesions


I missed my doctor's appointment because I remembered the date wrong. It turned out to be on the 9th. These things are so far out when they schedule them they are impossible to remember. Heaven knows what I do with the appointment slips.

My condition has worsened, and I now have lesions on my face, as well as most of my body, and am in constant misery as far as that goes. The "infection" is definitely in my respiratory system, as every time I blow my nose, it is accompanied by a tickling/crawling sensation, in/on/and around my nose, and there are lesions in that vicinity. The organisms have been getting into and irritating/stinging my eyes quite a bit lately as well.

I was supposed to report to the GA Office on Friday the 13th to supply a doctors note or other evidence to support my claim of disability, which I wasn't able to obtain because I missed my Doctor's appointment, so I was hoping to get an extension. Just as I was leaving the house on Friday to go to my appointment, there was a police raid on the house, and I was handcuffed, searched, and prevented from leaving, as were the other occupants of the house while the police conducted a search warrant on the entire house for a few hours. I have no idea what they were looking for, but 3 people in the house were arrested for drug related offenses based on things found in their rooms and on their persons. By the time the police finished the search, and released myself and the others, it was too late to go to the GA office, which meant that my welfare benefits would be terminated. (If you miss your appointment with GA, your benefits are terminated, and you have to wait 60 days before you can start the application process again from the beginning, during which time you get no benefits)

HOWEVER, I went in today without an appointment (and waited for 4 hours to see someone), with a copy of the search warrant that the police gave Bob, which was dated the same as my appointment, and was able to convince them, not only to restore my benefits, but also to give me a 3 month extension on providing a doctors note supporting my claim of disability! This was a BIG relief!

I have found a credible (in my judgment) website that details a comprehensive approach for combating the skin related issues related to Morgellons, posted by a fellow sufferer, and I have started following some of the tips, which seem to make a slight improvement and provide a small amount of relief. I will have to buy the rest of the products (not cheap) mentioned in order to fully check it out, but I have high hopes. I just have vinegar, peroxide, selsun blue, and salt
now (not enough for a bath) and have using the "spray method" detailed on the website. You can check it out yourself at:
(This website is no longer active as the owner of the site was threatened to take it down or face fines or imprisonment due to the fact that it recommends treatment for a medical issue without medical license to do so. This is a pitiful example of how it seems the Medical system is set up to HURT us rather than help us.)

My last problem is that my cellphone is eating up WAY too much money! I NEED to get a PC running again so I can use email and Skype instead of my cellphone. I have been without a working computer for almost 5 months now!

I actually have all the working components of a Pentium 4 computer except for one item. I DESPERATELY NEED A PENTIUM 4 MOTHERBOARD! (Dell wants $250 for a new one. Hell, I could buy a used computer for that!) I have two Intel processors that I believe still work, (The 1.8Ghz Pentium 4 from my Dell, and a 2.4Ghz Celeron) and 512MB of one type of RAM (a DIMM with two indentations) and 256MB of another (a DIMM with one indentation). Obviously it would be best to find a board that is compatible with the 2 indentation RAM. I have a monitor, several empty PC chassis, various cards including several monitor cards, ethernet cards, and even a WiFi PCI card. Can you PLEASE check with K and B, and see if anyone has a working motherboard they are no longer using? I could cut $50-$80 a month out of my monthly budget if I had a working PC!

I still need to get a new hard drive, but I see that goodwill's downtown location has used ones for $20. Then it looks like I will have to buy Windows XP once again, as it appears my Windows XP Installation Disk and License Key were amongst the items that were stolen from my room while I was in the hospital. But, initially I should be able to borrow someone else's XP disk to get things up and working and then run for a while using the 30 day evaluation version. At the end of the 30 days you can reformat your hard drive and get another 30 day trial period. As long as I have a spare hard drive to back up my data, this can be an effective way to run until I can afford a new copy of XP. ($100)

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